Day Trip to Brighton

Today I went on a day tour to Brighton! It was so amazing! We started off the day by visiting a place known as “The Lanes” which has super cute shops and restaurants all around.






     We then went on a tour of the Royal Pavilion. I should have gained more history knowledge than I am remembering at the moment, but it has been a long day, so I’ll add to that after sleep!




     After our fantastic tour of this insanely gorgeous building, we ventured out on a mission to find fish and chips! Spoiler alert: our mission ended very successfully.



     Once our hunger was satisfied, we moved on to exploring the Brighton Pier, and honestly, this place made the trip worthwhile alone. It was so refreshing to be out on the sea enjoying the salty breeze and making lifetime memories with awesome friends. IMG_1346






All in all, it was a wonderful day! However, any time I am around, the day is incomplete without a lineup of derps. Here is a brief rundown for your reading pleasure:

1) I tried on a cute ring at this little stand at the lanes. It was all fine and dandy until the ring would not come off. I panicked for a moment until an extremely helpful bystander remedied my issue with lip gloss and set me free of my decorative chains!

2) In my attempts to conserve energy after using the ladies’ room, I managed to pull down the emergency help switch instead of the light which then sounded an alarm and the poor restaurant worker had to come to my rescue.

3) At the end of the day, we decided to collect rocks from the sea shore and stick our fingers in international waters. This was a great idea until my short arms would not let me reach the water resulting in me completely soaking my tennis shoes in cold salt water. Needless to say, the ride home was a cold and soggy one for my piggies.

Alas! Today had its moments, but every day does in my life! This experience continues to teach me to take things in stride and not sweat the small stuff, and for that, I could not be more grateful. Each day is a new adventure!

Thanks for reading!

From London with Love,



Week in Review

(This post will be a lengthy one, so bear with me!)

It has been almost a week (really?) since I landed in London, and today marks my fourth day here on my own. There have been a few bumps in the road thus far, and I imagine there will be more along the way, but as of yet, I have decided that this is one of the best choices I have made in my short 20 years of living. I have only been here a very short time, but I am already seeing just how much this experience is going to change me and make me grow. Keep reading for a description of my week so far!

Tuesday: I moved into my building! Mom came with me to check in and get somewhat settled. That afternoon, she left to return to the states, and I was officially on my own. After I said goodbye to her, I decided to make my way over to my campus and see what all was going on! Everyone was very welcoming and inviting; I feel like I have been here for years! That evening I made my first bowl of Ramen noodles and got some much needed sleep. (The jet lag struggle has been real.)

Wednesday: Orientation! This day was spent on and around campus listening to faculty members and students as they welcomed us to our new home. Again, I could not have asked for a warmer welcome. I came into this experience a little apprehensive as to how I would be received in a place so far from home, but my doubts were quickly put to ease. I met so many great people this day, and I really began to find my place here. That day was finished with a fantastic dinner with great company. I also think I found my new favorite Italian place in this city. Huzzah!

Thursday: Enrolment day! This was the day I became an official student at Kingston University. That night, I went with friends to a welcome event being held in a local pub (a university event in a pub? Yes, please.) We then carried on to sitting down by the Thames river and exploring this beautiful city. As per usual in my life, we ended the night laughing ourselves to tears over jokes and silly vines.

Friday: Today has been rather quiet. I went to breakfast this morning and had the best English breakfast I have ever eaten (granted my experience is not widely varied, but whatevs.) Now I am writing this post as I eat my staple snack: apples and peanut butter. I suppose some things from home will never change. I hope to make it out to explore some of the parks and scenery near my school to finish the day.

Of course, there are things and people (mostly people) that I dearly miss from home, but I am absolutely loving this place, and I cannot wait to see what else I get into.


We Have Arrived

Mom and I officially arrived in Kingston yesterday. We spent the afternoon walking (read that: getting lost) around town. After several wrong turns and many consultations with delightful locals, we finally figured out where some of my buildings are. Everything here is much busier than at home, but so far, it all seems pretty great, especially the people. Once we got some much needed sleep, we ventured into London. Again, we spent half of our time getting lost, but that just added to the adventure! We spent a few hours being true tourists and even took a river cruise along the Thames, which included commentary from one of the funniest tour guides I think I have ever met. Our trip back to Kingston was much smoother, and I actually feel like I might be getting a hang of this whole map reading thing. Huzzah! There have been hiccups and emotional moments, but all in all, it has been a great few days. We shall continue the adventures tomorrow!

All the Nostalgia

     So I still have a couple of weeks before I embark on my year long study abroad excursion in London, England, but judging by how the rest of the summer has gone, I know these next few weeks will fly by, and I’ll be leaving the states before I know it. It seems like just yesterday I was finishing up my final exams of my Sophomore year of college and yearning for long, warm summer days; at that point, this whole trip felt like a dream in my distant future. I’m not sure how it got to be August so fast, but it feels like I just blinked and the summer was gone. All summer I was looking forward to the break I would have between when I left my job and when I left for England, but now that I’m spending my days work-free, school-free, and essentially care-free, I’m realizing that time flies too fast to wish it all away. I’m also getting a glimpse at just how much I’m going to miss my life here in the states. I couldn’t be more excited to be embarking on the biggest adventure of my life, but I have to be honest with myself and admit that I’m going to miss my life stateside. But for now, to keep myself from going crazy with excitement, anxiety and nostalgia, I am going to spend my days cleaning, packing, last-minute shopping and spending as much time as I possibly can with my friends and family at home. I know these next two weeks will be gone in a flash, so I plan to make the most of it while trying not to burst with anticipation like a five year old at Christmas.

     P.S. If you made it through the end of this post: 1. thanks for reading! 2. check back for updates (I promise they’ll be more upbeat, and hopefully they’ll include exciting details about my pre-trip preparations!)

Much Love,